Privacy and Cookies Policies is committed to protecting your privacy and personal information and will never abuse your trust.   

This Privacy Policy explains

  • what information is collected
  • how information is stored
  • how information is used

It also provides links to the Privacy Policies of organisations providing web-ware used by this website.

What is personal data?

This is the definition provided by the Information Commission:

The GDPR applies to ‘personal data’ meaning any information relating to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified in particular by reference to an identifier.

This definition provides for a wide range of personal identifiers to constitute personal data, including name, identification number, location data or online identifier, reflecting changes in technology and the way organisations collect information about people.

The GDPR applies to both automated personal data and to manual filing systems where personal data are accessible according to specific criteria. This could include chronologically ordered sets of manual records containing personal data.

Read more about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) here



What information does this website collect?

When you contact

  • Personal data you provide about yourself (for example, your name and contact details e.g. an e-mail)
  • You provide a name and an e-mail address when making a comment on a blog post or submitting a form. We do not ask for any other details. What you provide is up to you.
  • You may disclose information about your business – however this is not personal information which for the purposes of the GDPR only relates to the personal data of individuals

When a third party contacts on your behalf:

  • Personal data provided by a third party such as your name, contact details and specific circumstances.

When you visit this website, or interact with this site:

  • Your IP address and browsing preferences and choices;
  • Your name and username and any comments that you make.

How does collect information?

Your personal information may be collected from a number of sources. These include:

  • From you when you contact or interact with this site by email;
  • From forms you may complete (e.g. contact form, newsletter subscription form)

Why we collect it?

  • In relation to news updates (newsletters), the information held is based on you having given your consent. For example, in relation to news updates (newsletters), you have provided the e-mail and then verified that it should be stored and used as a basis for sending you an e-mail for the news update (newsletter).
  • In relation to e-mail correspondence, when you fill the contact form, we keep your name and e-mail temporarily in order to respond to your query/queries. We do not use your e-mail for news updates (newsletters), unless you have given your consent by ticking a specific box.


How is your information used?

Your data is processed in order to:

  • Record any correspondence received and respond accordingly;
  • Send out information related to news updates (newsletters)

How is it stored?

Your personal data is stored as follows:

  • If you register to receive news updates, your information will be held on Mailchimp (on a secure server) only for sending you news updates (newsletters) via e-mail.

You can read Mailchimp’s Privacy Policy here.


Who is your information shared with?

We may share your data with and/or obtain information from some third parties:

  • our website service in relation to the use of forms and comments on this website and for the management of cookies on this website;
  • statistical services with respect to understanding the traffic to the website
  • Other organisations where we are required to by law or by a public authority. is committed to protecting your privacy. Under no circumstances do we rent, trade or share your e-mail address without your consent.

How do we protect your data? takes the security of your data very seriously. Your data cannot be accessed by third parties other than those providing services as identified below. engages reputable service providers to process your data on our behalf for the purposes of e-mail correspondence and website provision. They are all under a duty of confidentiality, and are legally obliged to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of data in line with the relevant legislation.

How long do we keep your personal data?

Nothing is kept indefinitely. Your personal data is kept under review.

  • Correspondence: we periodically delete contacts and associated e-mails.
  • Blog comments and forms: If the blog comment is not published or the form submitted is nonsensical they are deleted.
  • Spam comments are kept for a period of time prior to reporting them to the appropriate authority.
  • News updates (newsletters): E-mails are stored on a dedicated Mailchimp account. You may unsubscribe from this online newsletter anytime.


If you live in the EU you will always be notified via a cookie ‘banner’ notice that cookies are used by this site as soon as you alight on the site.

Whether or not you receive a cookie depends on your browser settings – which only you control.

Very many websites, including this one, send you cookies when you visit the site in order to collect data to track traffic flows.  A cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes a unique identifier that is sent to your computer or other device browser from a website’s computer and is stored on your device’s hard drive.

Cookies record information about the location of your IP provider, technical data about your computer and data about which pages you look at on this website and how these were accessed.  They do NOT disclose anywhere who the person is or anything else about the person viewing the site. If you have a website or blog yourself then you are probably collecting statistical data relating to traffic flows in a very similar way.  ​


Why uses software which uses cookies: Cookie data helps us understand which pages are the most popular and how somebody has arrived at the site e.g. from social media, art forum or via a search on Google.  It also enables us to know what format most people are now using to view pages, which in turn helps with prioritising design and accessibility issues on this website.

If you are concerned about Cookies, you can find out more about how to manage cookies on the AboutCookies website

Privacy of e-mail addresses Privacy Policy in relation to e-mail addresses is as follows:

We rely on your consent for us to know and use the personal data you supply – such as name and e-mail address.  Your data is always kept safe and secure.

Below you will find the processes, details and links to the Privacy Policies of the services used when you supply your e-mail to

  • Use of Forms: e-mail addresses can be collected by this website – using contact forms (Contact Forms 7). These are ONLY used for correspondence relating to the page where you submitted your e-mail address – with a suggestion or query.  The e-mails submitted via forms are forwarded automatically to a specific gmail address for my website correspondence. Gmail is a Google product and is covered by Google’s Privacy Policy.
  • Subscriptions to news updates (newsletter): People wishing to subscribe the newsletter via e-mail are asked to subscribe by submitting their e-mail using Mailchimp Form. Your e-mail is ONLY used if you re-confirm (verify) that you wish to receive news updates from and your e-mail is ONLY used for that one purpose.
  • Marketing: We do NOT use email addresses for marketing purposes and will NOT contact you for marketing purposes or to promote new additions to the website to you.


Statistical Data

​You are also assured of privacy relating to to data collected for statistical purposes – however, is dependent on the privacy policies of third parties in this respect.

All statistical data collected via this site is initially collected, stored and analysed by third parties.

In addition, this is Google’s statement about How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps.

Google Analytics stores information about:

  • the pages you visit on this website and how long you spend on each page

  • how you got to the site 

  • what you click on while you’re visiting the site
  • the location generating the visit (in broad terms e.g. a city)
  • Google Analytics (Google Privacy Policy) Google Analytics Terms of use – which count flows in slightly different ways.  ​​

Your personal information (e.g. your name or address) is not stored, so this information can’t be used to identify who you are. Google is also not allowed to use or share the analytics data.

All data collected is anonymous and is collected solely for statistical purposes, to improve the service offered and is not used to identify individuals.  


Contact information and further advice


Konstantinos Kantartzis (that’s me – the author of this website) is responsible for ensuring compliance with data protection legislation. If you have a query please contact me in the first instance.

If you have concerns about the use of your personal data, the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA) is an independent body set up to uphold information rights in Greece. For further information you can visit their website.